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For the fans of the video game series ❤️

Here's a free/digital 92p b/w fanzine by @ittybeatty @PowersWithin and yours truly

We excitedly released it on May 14 because it's our favourite character's birthday today 🤣

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The comic I worked on was announced! About 4*Town from Disney Pixar’s Turning Red ✨ Art by KAlfee ( and story by me!

Today’s crafting: no sew tassel and folded wallet. The wallet was a fail because this scrap material doesn’t hold folds well! It was hard to cut this material with my usual paper cutters and scissors 🤣 what are nice curves 🤫?

Tutorials I followed:

Decided that I should probably do a full pencil pass for the whole chapter for the sake of better inking consistency later on 😭

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I don't watch series often bc I get obsessed and have to binge watch, but two reccs that I'm enjoying are:

🔫 KinnPorsche (Thai) described as being like Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku, but queer characters. It has 18+ moments but they have meaning/development.

🏥 Hospital Playlist (Korean) described as slice-of-life with 30-40+ years olds.

I've snot-cried for both series because they have really serious, despairing, heartfelt, and funny moments. Also my first time watching series in these languages!

Haven't touched these pages since I drafted them last year 🛌 at least I still understand the drafts left by my past self...

why it takes me so long to send out packages 🤣 self-inflicted math

used the leftovers from this project and made some fabric pendants (?) and put them on my notebook…now it is so charming to me 😭 I semi wish I put stuffing inside the pendants for more squish/tactile fun.

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I aspired to have as much joy and excitement in my crafting life as Dee and the Rainbow Sponge

Need to make more time for crafting 😂 drawing comics scratches some itches for me but I have DIY hives all over me, OK

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Random sewing adventure—fabric case to go with my Traveler’s Notebook. The fabric print seemed wabisabi so I came up with an origami or furoshiki-inspired design. It self tucks closed pretty decently! Also made a pen insert out of more old covers 🤣 for the fountain pens that I may or may not be precious about.

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Down to Wengen and finally to Lauterbrunnen. Apparently that valley with the super long waterfall (and plenty of other waterfalls) is a repeatable experience. Amazing 🤩!

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My website used to be a portfolio of comics/illos, but I've been adding random collections of stuff that I like. It's becoming weirder 🥰

digital pets 👾

stationery 🖋️

freetalk / blog ⌨️

Gradually warming up to drawing ( again.

I don't think they'll actually wear matching suits together haha but I've been thinking about suits and glasses a lot lately (my fav) ✨

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Some drawings from last month (pulled from a longer sequence) and their thumbnails.

❔ 🦐 ❔

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Whoops, almost forgot to share! Black Dream is 40% off for the Summer Sale!

It's a short spooky comic, and early summer is 200% an appropriate time for that.

Made many comics in the past two months but they already feel *years* old!

Soon I can turn my attention back to !?

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The comic I worked on was announced! About 4*Town from Disney Pixar’s Turning Red ✨ Art by KAlfee ( and story by me!

Finished binding 11 and ripped one at the final trimming step 😭 but washi taped over it and now it is kinda cute 🥰 (it reminds me, in purpose, of sashiko mending and reinforcement).

Can’t believe I handbound 40+ of these in total. Do not reccomend 😂 going out of print now ✨

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