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For the fans of the video game series ❤️

Here's a free/digital 92p b/w fanzine by @ittybeatty @PowersWithin and yours truly

We excitedly released it on May 14 because it's our favourite character's birthday today 🤣

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The comic I worked on was announced! About 4*Town from Disney Pixar’s Turning Red ✨ Art by KAlfee ( and story by me!

Today I am grateful for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios for dropping 3 new Yakuza/Like a Dragon game announcements, plus Judgment(s) on PC...

Goodbye my life

Also, multiple people texted me to tell me about the new Hokuto no Ken boxing game, so I really have an interesting reputation 🤣

Afterwards we ordered soup dumpling for dinner. I got a beeper with number 4 on it—to which I said "ah yes my favourite number" and then @powerswithin said 4*Town 🤣

...and then we both said
✨ 4*town 4EVA ✨

Anyway, happy mid autumn. I forgot about it until the resto we were at gave us mooncake 🌛

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Casual sketching day at Spadina House!

Interesting (?) encounters:

- Videos of our hands drawing may now be in wedding b-roll film bc there were at least 2 wedding photo shoots happening AND some random passerby's vlog (???)

- Met some other sketchers (who are in animation) and they asked if we were did this often and whether we were in the "industry" to which I said "no I haven't drawn outside in 3+ years 🤣" and "IF I draw, I mainly draw comics"

Yesterday was a bad work day, so I looked at 2023 planners to heal myself 🤩 I really like my current system, but it is, as always, labourious to set up since it involves drawing/making my own calendar grids 🤣 maybe I should try to print on fountain pen-friendly A4 paper...

One speculation is that it's cost related, but for high print runs, the production cost of the book wouldn't be that much higher if you changed it to binding that laid flat better.

Most piano books are already "expensive" for their B/W page count. E.g., a 132p Royal Conservatory piano book costs ~$40CAD / 30 USD. Music licensing/royalties factor into that cost, but for a lot of classical composer piano music books, the sheet music is in public domain...

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Q: why are piano books often perfect glue bound and thus, don't lay flat 🤔?

I'm reading so many thread about pianists finding alt ways to view/play their pieces because the glue binding is non-functional (e.g., destroy and rebind their books in drastic cases).

For over a decade I’ve been using the same two super affordable (1$?!?) bamboo brushes. For the past few years they’ve been leaving bristles in my paint and paper 😂 I’ve been picking those out manually but sometimes they get stuck 🤣. After some research I invested in synthetic travel sized ones from Escoda. They have pretty nice springback and point and I hope they hold up for my casual use 🙏 I want to do more visual journaling/urban sketching in the future

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if you want to try this style of painting, this video (not by me) breaks it down very simply ✨

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Randomly started this negative painting after I finally re-found my watercolour paper. Wanted to finish it but it is already past midnight and my body aches from hunching over 🧓. As usual I didn’t do much planning 🧐

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Yesterday I shared a dev log about visual novel #accessibility, giving an overview on a wide variety of features, and other devs have added on in the comments with more advice! It makes me really happy to see 😄

#renpy #gameDev

UGH just had a lovely and kind interaction with a self-proclaimed long-time Love Love Hill reader 🥰 so touched 😭 TY Dan and can't wait to read your stories too 👉

Today’s crafting: no sew tassel and folded wallet. The wallet was a fail because this scrap material doesn’t hold folds well! It was hard to cut this material with my usual paper cutters and scissors 🤣 what are nice curves 🤫?

Tutorials I followed:

Decided that I should probably do a full pencil pass for the whole chapter for the sake of better inking consistency later on 😭

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I don't watch series often bc I get obsessed and have to binge watch, but two reccs that I'm enjoying are:

🔫 KinnPorsche (Thai) described as being like Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku, but queer characters. It has 18+ moments but they have meaning/development.

🏥 Hospital Playlist (Korean) described as slice-of-life with 30-40+ years olds.

I've snot-cried for both series because they have really serious, despairing, heartfelt, and funny moments. Also my first time watching series in these languages!

Haven't touched these pages since I drafted them last year 🛌 at least I still understand the drafts left by my past self...

used the leftovers from this project and made some fabric pendants (?) and put them on my notebook…now it is so charming to me 😭 I semi wish I put stuffing inside the pendants for more squish/tactile fun.

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I aspired to have as much joy and excitement in my crafting life as Dee and the Rainbow Sponge

Need to make more time for crafting 😂 drawing comics scratches some itches for me but I have DIY hives all over me, OK

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Random sewing adventure—fabric case to go with my Traveler’s Notebook. The fabric print seemed wabisabi so I came up with an origami or furoshiki-inspired design. It self tucks closed pretty decently! Also made a pen insert out of more old covers 🤣 for the fountain pens that I may or may not be precious about.

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