incomplete thoughts about comics—choices and acting.

I've read comics that are precisely and impeccably well drawn, but sometimes find that artists chose moments to put into panels that don't quite hit me right e.g., lack meaning, emotional impact, or don't help me empathize.

I suppose these micromoments matter to me when I read. Are you drawing the anticipation of a punch, the impact, or something in-between? A person looking sad, or a person desperately trying to hide their sad?


Somewhat related video "How Tony Leung Acts With His Eyes"

Been thinking about this video re: explicit and implicit acting, especially with eyes, but in comic context.

I pay a lot of attention to my characters' eyes—which way they're glancing, pupil size, how lidded they are, etc. so now I'm going to pretend that I'm training my comics acting via the Tony Leung method...hahahaha

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