I don't know the full context for this story

but what happens in this comic is an underlying worry that lurks in the back of my head (as a person who creates/shares stories about characters), which is one of many (!) reasons why being on platforms/spaces where I have some degree of control over where my stuff is, what I see, who can interact with me, etc. is reassuring. Tho the flip side of this is that it's messed up that I feel the need to pro-actively protect myself

@dirchansky If it's any consolation, I think that particular comic was a perfect storm of decisions that made the it very easy to mistake for a stand-alone story about an author stand-in, rather than for part of a greater narrative about a fictional character. This sort of thing can happen even if you're trying to avoid it, but even if you're not, it's quite rare.

@dirchansky Though that said, almost anything can and will be treated as stand-alone when presented in its own social media thread rather than on a website with next/prev links :|

This is why I always post preview images with links, and not the pages/strips/chapters themselves, even if it means fewer people will see them (especially on e.g. Twitter where posts with links are actively suppressed).

@eishiya I think this kind of "cancelling due to perceived problematic content" is more common in fandom art/comic circles (which I look at from the sidelines), but agree that it's rarer to see it play out to this degree for original stories.

Tangentially, this is old news, but I've seen people try to cancel original creators on birdsite because a person's "likes" are sometimes visible on timeline; people got mad that a comics creator liked some fanart that they didn't approve of, so 😂

@eishiya Your approach makes sense to me. That way people can read the page/panel in the broader context that it is meant to exist in. I can see how the presentation format of Mallorie's comic might've not helped the situation, though I also wish for people online to have some ☠️ decency☠️ .

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