Possum comics ❤ a 32p short for . It will be small sized, square? Trying to have pure fun with this and to make something kinda blursed (blessed/cursed).

I forgot how time consuming it is to draw comics on paper again because of doing all the margin measurements and marks 😨

I refilled a Pentel pocket brush pen cartridge with Platinum Carbon Black (totally different waterproof ink brands 😂 for pens) and it seems to work! No clogs after 8h of being in the brush pen. Which is good because then I don’t have to buy more cartridges.

Started inking poss comics. Haven’t inked IRL in a really long time. Mega failed and forgot that I can’t erase under china markers without it being smudge-central🤣 will pass it off as intended chaos. Bendy drawings 4eva

This comic has gone through a lot of both execution and print size 🤣 At first it was 5"x 5" and I was going to just print B/W. I inked half the pages under this assumption.

Then I thought about doing just turned into a full colour monster and I'm regretting how CMYK will destroy the bright colours! Now it's A6 size to minimize print costs, so that meant I had to rejig all the pages I already inked to fit a new ratio.

Anyways, don't be like me 🤣

@dirchansky why don't you draw on ipad then? you can always print out a template and draw on that.

@korokke honestly i was just thinking about going back to analogue methods just for this thing because it is bendy anyway, so less reliance on need for conputer tech aside from packaging pages 😂
All of your points are valid 🤣

@dirchansky THIRTY TWO PAGES!!!!
Can’t wait for this blursing 😌

@dirchansky aayyyy two thumbs up for being able to use what ink you already have! The chaos looks well suited here haha👌😌

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