is too fat (92p) to be staple bound now so now we have to get it perfect bound 🤣 thankfully I’m done most of my (40+) pages now ❤️

I also finished all my pages and feel great! So moving on to the cover...

Cover concept by @PowersWithin (derivative of the Kiwami game package) and then I took it closer to the finish line 🖋️ HAHAHA this is the print version aka the "KAMI" edition.

Added terrible drop shadow / bevel / 3d effects on the text to make it authentically less legible 🤣

Whoever did the original Yakuza English brushwork logo did some pretty nice stuff...that I couldn't replicate, of course.


For the fans of the video game series ❤️

Here's a free/digital 92p b/w fanzine by @ittybeatty @PowersWithin and yours truly

We excitedly released it on May 14 because it's our favourite character's birthday today 🤣

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