Blitzed through my 🦐 Shrimp Goss zine pages and have achieved a new level of Shrimp Genius. Extremely niche interest zines...4eva...


I drew/coloured all 8 pages fully in Procreate and I have to say that I'm not in love with the Procreate workflow for print. Where are my rulers?? I can't make margins without making a template in some other program and importing it in...

It probably doesn't help that I don't use iCloud and don't have another apple computer and file transfer is an additional nightmare 🤣

The plus side is that I can actually hand draw word balloons properly and there's time a time lapse video...?

@dirchansky I also feel like Procreate is a bit limited in its functions... 🙈
Nice to draw anything quick and I love the fancy brushes, but for a proper artwork I have to switch to Krita. 🤔

@fluffyfied ohh what functions/features do you feel like you get in Krita that you don't get in procreate?? TY for enjoying these cute shrimps ❤️

@dirchansky Mostly my favorite brush "Shapes Fill" which is the lasso that is immediately filled with color. I use this to block in my colors in Krita! And for thumbnailing.

And it might be because I don't get how it works, but I feel like layers, grouping layers and clipping layers is limited. Like I can't stack clipping layers. Only one clipping layer level is possible. 🤔

And because there's no physical keyboard there are no shortcuts and renaming things is clunky. XD

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