Casual sketching day at Spadina House!

Interesting (?) encounters:

- Videos of our hands drawing may now be in wedding b-roll film bc there were at least 2 wedding photo shoots happening AND some random passerby's vlog (???)

- Met some other sketchers (who are in animation) and they asked if we were did this often and whether we were in the "industry" to which I said "no I haven't drawn outside in 3+ years 🤣" and "IF I draw, I mainly draw comics"

Afterwards we ordered soup dumpling for dinner. I got a beeper with number 4 on it—to which I said "ah yes my favourite number" and then @powerswithin said 4*Town 🤣

...and then we both said
✨ 4*town 4EVA ✨

Anyway, happy mid autumn. I forgot about it until the resto we were at gave us mooncake 🌛

@dirchansky (Here after reading your blog) Wait, are you moving west too? Everyone is moving west. 🤣

@Litda i will be moving out west Summer 2023, so still a while out, but am doing an intra-Toronto move at the end of this year!

I’ve decided to move to a more affordable city and let my (not that happening) social life take a nose dive 🤣

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