Mofu mofu (fluffy/soft) mastodon 🥰 based on the original masto mascots ⭐️ and probably my sheep Pinkey 😂

How do standalone comic writers write without thumbnailing?! Or maybe they do, but in a more simple/formulaic way? I went all-in and have to convert my 150p+ of thumbnails into script form 😂
I made some pretty good/interesting panel/layout/storytelling choices, although it'll ultimately be interpreted by the artist in their own way unless I'm overly prescriptive in writing.

I'm excited to share the proj when it goes public because I fell in love with the characters/stories 😭

Reposting my pixitracker Possum song here, titled 🎶 Sneak and Snack 🎵

are my fav for uninhibited unedited writing/drawing 🥰 I love how the ink just flows out onto paper without any pressure and resistance. After trying a mix of price points and vintage/modern, I think they’re all great, just depends on your needs/preferences.

I never finished this series of animals x imaginary enviros with limited palette, but I still really like them!

Surprise from rurupoi with a bonus great unboxing experience 😭🥰

The plastic vials are for fountain pen ink sample sharing, hehe

mofu mofu mastodon

Closed instance. Love no ads, chronological timeline, control over your data, toot privacy settings, and so much more (i.e., these cute mastodon mascots).