Made many comics in the past two months but they already feel *years* old!

Soon I can turn my attention back to !?

Finished binding 11 and ripped one at the final trimming step 😭 but washi taped over it and now it is kinda cute 🥰 (it reminds me, in purpose, of sashiko mending and reinforcement).

Can’t believe I handbound 40+ of these in total. Do not reccomend 😂 going out of print now ✨

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I'm representing IRL at between June 18-19

✨table 230⭐

Pick-up catalogue 👉

The digital marketplace is launching at the same time, which is probably the best way to buy online if you want to get stuff from a wide variety of creators and have it shipped internationally!

I didn’t press fold the spine of some signatures and it resulted in a failed copy 😂 the difference in spine height means a pass or fail 😭 things that I forget after not binding for nearly a year 🤔

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Probably the final batch of these books. So labourious! My hands throb from gripping the bone folder and cutter. I hope the people who get a copy will appreciate ❤️

I wrote up the process a while back, if anyone wants to try!

Inked pages on my floor 👀 brush pen tip is so soft, I really have no control over it!! But chaos is ok for this comic 🤫 last time I used a brush to ink a comic was prob 5 years ago. Made many rushed impatient mistakes but I tried to not over edit while colouring. Filling black areas with brush is so much better than using a sharpie! Downside of irl comics is the erasing, scanning, and of course, now I have to store these papers somewhere 😂 I wrote a long animal-fueled freetalk ❤️

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me @ myself
colour comics are a mistake ☠️

But I sent ❤️ POSS BOSS❤️ and 🦐 SHRIMP GOSS🦐 off to print 😭 ✨

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I drew/coloured all 8 pages fully in Procreate and I have to say that I'm not in love with the Procreate workflow for print. Where are my rulers?? I can't make margins without making a template in some other program and importing it in...

It probably doesn't help that I don't use iCloud and don't have another apple computer and file transfer is an additional nightmare 🤣

The plus side is that I can actually hand draw word balloons properly and there's time a time lapse video...?

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Blitzed through my 🦐 Shrimp Goss zine pages and have achieved a new level of Shrimp Genius. Extremely niche interest zines...4eva...

sent SHRIMPIG to be sticker-fied...I don't know what I'll do with five 4" wide shrimpig but I know they will be loved.

This is a flip through of my most recently completed (2020~2022) shiba notebook (made by wai/belugachop 🥰 ) which became mostly WRITING and very little drawing. I also taped a lot of stuff inside it for the first time and it became a bit unruly to use hahaha 🤣

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I pulled out an old moleskine softcover to find something and the cover flaked all over my desk 😑 one of many reasons why I stopped using them. This was still the era where I kept a notebook for drawing and it is full of horrifying bad proportion human things but amazing animal/creature things

For the fans of the video game series ❤️

Here's a free/digital 92p b/w fanzine by @ittybeatty @PowersWithin and yours truly

We excitedly released it on May 14 because it's our favourite character's birthday today 🤣

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This comic has gone through a lot of both execution and print size 🤣 At first it was 5"x 5" and I was going to just print B/W. I inked half the pages under this assumption.

Then I thought about doing just turned into a full colour monster and I'm regretting how CMYK will destroy the bright colours! Now it's A6 size to minimize print costs, so that meant I had to rejig all the pages I already inked to fit a new ratio.

Anyways, don't be like me 🤣

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Comic 1-pager with very cartoony gore (pretty light hearted?!) 

Ben and I slow comic jam via snail mail and we finally finished another short.

I often steer towards a shoujo route and he often steers towards a horror route 😂

Doing a lot of administrative work, including updating and laughing at my OC page which is a mix of people and weird creatures/animals 🤣 gosh all this art is so old but I can't bring myself to redraw 30+ character images ☠️

Also IDK why the spacing is so weird, it's just a default template from Automad, which I am enjoying as a free flat file CMS
At this point I try to not futz with templates and just deal with my never ending content

I refilled a Pentel pocket brush pen cartridge with Platinum Carbon Black (totally different waterproof ink brands 😂 for pens) and it seems to work! No clogs after 8h of being in the brush pen. Which is good because then I don’t have to buy more cartridges.

Started inking poss comics. Haven’t inked IRL in a really long time. Mega failed and forgot that I can’t erase under china markers without it being smudge-central🤣 will pass it off as intended chaos. Bendy drawings 4eva

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Possum comics ❤ a 32p short for . It will be small sized, square? Trying to have pure fun with this and to make something kinda blursed (blessed/cursed).

I forgot how time consuming it is to draw comics on paper again because of doing all the margin measurements and marks 😨

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