Decided that I should probably do a full pencil pass for the whole chapter for the sake of better inking consistency later on 😭

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Haven't touched these pages since I drafted them last year 🛌 at least I still understand the drafts left by my past self...

Random sewing adventure—fabric case to go with my Traveler’s Notebook. The fabric print seemed wabisabi so I came up with an origami or furoshiki-inspired design. It self tucks closed pretty decently! Also made a pen insert out of more old covers 🤣 for the fountain pens that I may or may not be precious about.

Gradually warming up to drawing ( again.

I don't think they'll actually wear matching suits together haha but I've been thinking about suits and glasses a lot lately (my fav) ✨

Made many comics in the past two months but they already feel *years* old!

Soon I can turn my attention back to !?

Finished binding 11 and ripped one at the final trimming step 😭 but washi taped over it and now it is kinda cute 🥰 (it reminds me, in purpose, of sashiko mending and reinforcement).

Can’t believe I handbound 40+ of these in total. Do not reccomend 😂 going out of print now ✨

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Probably the final batch of these books. So labourious! My hands throb from gripping the bone folder and cutter. I hope the people who get a copy will appreciate ❤️

I wrote up the process a while back, if anyone wants to try!

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