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Whoops, almost forgot to share! Black Dream is 40% off for the itch.io Summer Sale!

It's a short spooky comic, and early summer is 200% an appropriate time for that.


Made many comics in the past two months but they already feel *years* old!

Soon I can turn my attention back to !?

@fluffyfied I realized I missed the word "don't" in

"don't personally have specific expectations when it comes to quality or detail when it comes to trades" ☠️ 😅

@fluffyfied idk if there’s a way to flag that you’d be doing sketches or whatnot as part of artfight? Tho generally I personally have specific expectations when it comes to lvl of quality or detail when it comes to trades

I still owe you a pic from our trade!!! Lmk whenever you’re ready 🌸

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TCAF was a good show to remind us that there are REAL people in the world that respect comics and their creators—especially after the horrible webtoon ads and 4*town news!

The comic I worked on was announced! About 4*Town from Disney Pixar’s Turning Red ✨ Art by KAlfee (nitter.net/kaifeebean) and story by me!

For me:
1) Better ergonomics
2) Stretching beforehand (Kriota has a book about this kriotawelt.blogspot.com/2018/0 but there are a lot of other resources you can find)
3) If feasible, going to registered massage therapist to work on your shoulder (assuming it's muscle-related)
4) If feasible, ask your doctor to get checked to see what's going on; if it's nerve related you might have to find other support. I've had pinched nerves in my shoulder before (upper back / shoulder)
5) Rest!

Finished binding 11 and ripped one at the final trimming step 😭 but washi taped over it and now it is kinda cute 🥰 (it reminds me, in purpose, of sashiko mending and reinforcement).

Can’t believe I handbound 40+ of these in total. Do not reccomend 😂 going out of print now ✨

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I'm representing lovelovehill.com IRL at torontocomics.com between June 18-19

✨table 230⭐

Pick-up catalogue 👉 lovelovehill.square.site

The digital marketplace is launching at the same time, which is probably the best way to buy online if you want to get stuff from a wide variety of creators and have it shipped internationally!

@eishiya 😇 it is a chill wind down activity if you’re making your own few copies ✨ the charm of handmade diy

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I have been hollering non-stop Get in the Car, Loser! is my lesbian road trip RPG—but what does it mean when I say that it’s a all-queer cast of heroic losers? Well, LET ME TELL YOU!

Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/938
Itch: loveconquersallgames.itch.io/g

I didn’t press fold the spine of some signatures and it resulted in a failed copy 😂 the difference in spine height means a pass or fail 😭 things that I forget after not binding for nearly a year 🤔

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@szymonbrycki thank you for taking time to read it and for leaving a note ❤️ glad you enjoyed!

Probably the final batch of these books. So labourious! My hands throb from gripping the bone folder and cutter. I hope the people who get a copy will appreciate ❤️

I wrote up the process dirchansky.com/freetalk/cross- a while back, if anyone wants to try!

When things are rough, I visit this website to heal

The photo contest is 💯

Inked pages on my floor 👀 brush pen tip is so soft, I really have no control over it!! But chaos is ok for this comic 🤫 last time I used a brush to ink a comic was prob 5 years ago. Made many rushed impatient mistakes but I tried to not over edit while colouring. Filling black areas with brush is so much better than using a sharpie! Downside of irl comics is the erasing, scanning, and of course, now I have to store these papers somewhere 😂 I wrote a long animal-fueled freetalk ❤️

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