Medical illustration drama 

Most people in the medical illo community were really happy for Chidiebere Ibe but turns out that a lot of his illustrations are traced , and specifically his black fetus one he became famous for

Then he made his traced illustration a N F T😭 ...

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A little note to all of us with that ol' imposter syndrome:

when someone compliments your work, *hear them.*

Don't ignore the compliment. Don't think "they're just being nice."

Hear them.

We all know how easy it is to hear negative critiques. It takes effort to hear that you're doing good work.

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Offering of tech-related mutual aid (LGBTQ and BIPOC) :boost_ok: 

Do you want to keep a small personal site or blog?

I can provide a domain and a Gitea instance to host the files for static sites, entirely for free, as well as teach you how to set up one.

I want to provide this service for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Fediverse users, since I cannot help financially.

For an example site, here's mine: (Styles are entirely customizable)

#MutualAid :boost_ok:

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I've never uploaded my chicken zine images I think. :o

Here's the first of two. Drawn in April 2021.

Here's an overview to the zine:
It was printed May or June 2021 iirc and the earned money went to a German chicken charity organization!


@IsabelleHellraiser I only know
AFAIK they are accepting applications!

Wonder Pens is doing another penpal matchup! I was matched-up over a year ago and continue to converse with my penpal~

Letters should be received by ~February 19, 2022 if you want to take part.

Mofu mofu (fluffy/soft) mastodon 🥰 based on the original masto mascots ⭐️ and probably my sheep Pinkey 😂

Laugh/cry at the people who helped with this Lunar New Year food photoshoot and how they kinda slapped chinese-looking things together and ended up with a bunch of death/funeral-related stuff instead

laptop/linux OS ideas 

Like the philosophy behind laptop repair-ability🤩!

Thought about finally trying out Linux for once—maybe Linux Mint because it's good for newbies who don't wanna deal with command line 24/7🛠️.

Unfortunately I rely on a lot of windows 🤢 programs critical to my very collaborative freelance 😭 virtual much to think about.

Watched a lot of videos on Linux distros/VMs (20+) and found good content, but every video I watched was from a man (AFAIK) 🤔.

Next time I see another person revere Steve Job's management style, I'll send them this 😂 (from Raw Signal Group's newsletter, which I actually read and enjoy every time)

@eishiya Your approach makes sense to me. That way people can read the page/panel in the broader context that it is meant to exist in. I can see how the presentation format of Mallorie's comic might've not helped the situation, though I also wish for people online to have some ☠️ decency☠️ .

@eishiya I think this kind of "cancelling due to perceived problematic content" is more common in fandom art/comic circles (which I look at from the sidelines), but agree that it's rarer to see it play out to this degree for original stories.

Tangentially, this is old news, but I've seen people try to cancel original creators on birdsite because a person's "likes" are sometimes visible on timeline; people got mad that a comics creator liked some fanart that they didn't approve of, so 😂

I don't know the full context for this story

but what happens in this comic is an underlying worry that lurks in the back of my head (as a person who creates/shares stories about characters), which is one of many (!) reasons why being on platforms/spaces where I have some degree of control over where my stuff is, what I see, who can interact with me, etc. is reassuring. Tho the flip side of this is that it's messed up that I feel the need to pro-actively protect myself

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@jendrawscomics I'm not a frequent meditate-r, but when I do, I mainly think about my body (aches lol) and readjust/relax my muscles and focus on counting (or feeling) my breathing. For me, the awareness of present and focus on breathing/ enough for me to have a break (rather than follow meditation prompts, strictly).

I also find it more comfy (if sitting on the floor) to put a pillow or yoga block under the back of the butt!

Somewhat related video "How Tony Leung Acts With His Eyes"

Been thinking about this video re: explicit and implicit acting, especially with eyes, but in comic context.

I pay a lot of attention to my characters' eyes—which way they're glancing, pupil size, how lidded they are, etc. so now I'm going to pretend that I'm training my comics acting via the Tony Leung method...hahahaha

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incomplete thoughts about comics—choices and acting.

I've read comics that are precisely and impeccably well drawn, but sometimes find that artists chose moments to put into panels that don't quite hit me right e.g., lack meaning, emotional impact, or don't help me empathize.

I suppose these micromoments matter to me when I read. Are you drawing the anticipation of a punch, the impact, or something in-between? A person looking sad, or a person desperately trying to hide their sad?

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