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I've drawn something!
For my parents a picture of their garden with their pets in it. Though the pets have not all lived at once, here they're together!


I never finished this series of animals x imaginary enviros with limited palette, but I still really like them!

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If you have just installed Mastodon and don't know where to start to find people to follow a good idea is to try and check other users follows and one by one try to see if you find someone to follow.

Alternatively you can go to and do the same on the categories that interest you.

If you are lazy and don't want to look up one by one, I created a little script to generate a csv from Trunk categories: that you can then import in Mastodon.

Surprise from rurupoi with a bonus great unboxing experience 😭🥰

The plastic vials are for fountain pen ink sample sharing, hehe

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