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Did my first ever wood carving the other day, in a fun workshop we did with the department. I decided to attempt a fish, and gotta admit I'm a little proud of how it turned out for it being my first time!

Here are some WIP shots as well as the final piece.
#MastoArt #WoodCarving

Blitzed through my 🦐 Shrimp Goss zine pages and have achieved a new level of Shrimp Genius. Extremely niche interest zines...4eva...

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My #nsfw 18+ #webcomic updated with 2 new pages last night! We get a bit of insight into Adam's obsession/revulsion with demons... 🔞🔞🔞

sent SHRIMPIG to be sticker-fied...I don't know what I'll do with five 4" wide shrimpig but I know they will be loved.

This is a flip through of my most recently completed (2020~2022) shiba notebook (made by wai/belugachop 🥰 ) which became mostly WRITING and very little drawing. I also taped a lot of stuff inside it for the first time and it became a bit unruly to use hahaha 🤣

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I pulled out an old moleskine softcover to find something and the cover flaked all over my desk 😑 one of many reasons why I stopped using them. This was still the era where I kept a notebook for drawing and it is full of horrifying bad proportion human things but amazing animal/creature things

For the fans of the video game series ❤️

Here's a free/digital 92p b/w fanzine by @ittybeatty @PowersWithin and yours truly

We excitedly released it on May 14 because it's our favourite character's birthday today 🤣

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When I make my own comics I don't write a script like this at all.

I half write and then move into thumbnail, write as I thumbnail, thumbnail and then's a mess 🤣

A well done script is a great communication tool for everyone involved. What stuck out to me was to make the dialogue easy to copy paste for the letterer. I suppose I've also been in the role of doing all those things (editor, writer, designer, letterer, etc.) so I can also think about what direction I would want.

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Steenz and Camilla Zhang made a comic script template (based on feedback from folks in industry) or at

When I wrote mine I adapted it from Fred Van Lente

Mine ended up being pretty similar to what they have above! Considering all the stakeholders that have to use the thing.

This comic has gone through a lot of both execution and print size 🤣 At first it was 5"x 5" and I was going to just print B/W. I inked half the pages under this assumption.

Then I thought about doing just turned into a full colour monster and I'm regretting how CMYK will destroy the bright colours! Now it's A6 size to minimize print costs, so that meant I had to rejig all the pages I already inked to fit a new ratio.

Anyways, don't be like me 🤣

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Vida Cruz on "We Are the Mountain: A Look at the Inactive Protagonist"

I didn't realize there's a word for this! I am also...a frequent writer of inactive protagonists 😂 guess it makes sense for reasons mentioned in the article—marginalized characters' conflicts in stories = everyday living (instead of grandiose events like non-marginalized protags) 🤔

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Posts on Mastodon, also known as Toots, have a privacy setting.

You can change a toot's privacy while writing it by clicking on the privacy icon. Depending on what the setting is, and depending on how you access Mastodon, privacy will look like a globe 🌐 🌎 or a lock 🔒 or a group 👥 or an envelope ✉️ or an @ sign.

Pick the privacy you want before you publish a toot, as you can't alter it later (unless you delete the toot).

You can also choose a default privacy setting in your account settings. New toots will automatically use the default privacy unless you change it.

On the website, go to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy, choose the default privacy you want and press "Save Changes".

On the official app, go to ⚙️ Settings > The Boring Zone > Account Settings and then log into the website.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Privacy

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Been practicing some more collage + mixed media with #CuratorPrompts26 and I gotta say I love how vibrant you can get the colours with this method. Made using paper from magazines plus acrylic paint.

#CuratorPrompts #MastoArt #collage

Comic 1-pager with very cartoony gore (pretty light hearted?!) 

Ben and I slow comic jam via snail mail and we finally finished another short.

I often steer towards a shoujo route and he often steers towards a horror route 😂

Doing a lot of administrative work, including updating and laughing at my OC page which is a mix of people and weird creatures/animals 🤣 gosh all this art is so old but I can't bring myself to redraw 30+ character images ☠️

Also IDK why the spacing is so weird, it's just a default template from Automad, which I am enjoying as a free flat file CMS
At this point I try to not futz with templates and just deal with my never ending content

I refilled a Pentel pocket brush pen cartridge with Platinum Carbon Black (totally different waterproof ink brands 😂 for pens) and it seems to work! No clogs after 8h of being in the brush pen. Which is good because then I don’t have to buy more cartridges.

Started inking poss comics. Haven’t inked IRL in a really long time. Mega failed and forgot that I can’t erase under china markers without it being smudge-central🤣 will pass it off as intended chaos. Bendy drawings 4eva

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I've been yearning for the flowers to bloom, so while they are slowly popping up all around, I'll just draw some of my faves myself 💛

#art #illustration #cats #flowers

I don't *really* practice calligraphy, but I found a place that lets you generate a guideline/template (custom space, slants, etc.) to practice your own!

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some useful hashtags

#FediVision fedi's answer to the eurovision song contest

#FantasticFedi showcase why you like the fediverse

#FediTips give advice on fedi

#AskFedi find out how fedi works

#np now playing music, maybe on an integral part of the fediverse

#Volunteer if you are looking to help out in fedi

#MastoArt showcasing art

#SmolWeb a rejection of Big Tech's web domination

#FediFriday because it's Friday

#MutualAid mutual aid

#fedi for all things #fediverse related

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