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My website used to be a portfolio of comics/illos, but I've been adding random collections of stuff that I like. It's becoming weirder 🥰

digital pets 👾

stationery 🖋️

freetalk / blog ⌨️

Gradually warming up to drawing ( again.

I don't think they'll actually wear matching suits together haha but I've been thinking about suits and glasses a lot lately (my fav) ✨

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Whoops, almost forgot to share! Black Dream is 40% off for the Summer Sale!

It's a short spooky comic, and early summer is 200% an appropriate time for that.

Made many comics in the past two months but they already feel *years* old!

Soon I can turn my attention back to !?

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The comic I worked on was announced! About 4*Town from Disney Pixar’s Turning Red ✨ Art by KAlfee ( and story by me!

Finished binding 11 and ripped one at the final trimming step 😭 but washi taped over it and now it is kinda cute 🥰 (it reminds me, in purpose, of sashiko mending and reinforcement).

Can’t believe I handbound 40+ of these in total. Do not reccomend 😂 going out of print now ✨

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I designed a stamp to decorate some bags/envelopes ✨

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I have been hollering non-stop Get in the Car, Loser! is my lesbian road trip RPG—but what does it mean when I say that it’s a all-queer cast of heroic losers? Well, LET ME TELL YOU!


I didn’t press fold the spine of some signatures and it resulted in a failed copy 😂 the difference in spine height means a pass or fail 😭 things that I forget after not binding for nearly a year 🤔

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Probably the final batch of these books. So labourious! My hands throb from gripping the bone folder and cutter. I hope the people who get a copy will appreciate ❤️

I wrote up the process a while back, if anyone wants to try!

When things are rough, I visit this website to heal

The photo contest is 💯

Inked pages on my floor 👀 brush pen tip is so soft, I really have no control over it!! But chaos is ok for this comic 🤫 last time I used a brush to ink a comic was prob 5 years ago. Made many rushed impatient mistakes but I tried to not over edit while colouring. Filling black areas with brush is so much better than using a sharpie! Downside of irl comics is the erasing, scanning, and of course, now I have to store these papers somewhere 😂 I wrote a long animal-fueled freetalk ❤️

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me @ myself
colour comics are a mistake ☠️

But I sent ❤️ POSS BOSS❤️ and 🦐 SHRIMP GOSS🦐 off to print 😭 ✨

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Here comes a thread were I talk about using #screentones in the art program #ClipStudio ! Consider it a little #tutorial of sorts. #CreativeToots

Screentones is those small dotted textures you see in manga and other black and white comics that use them for shades and effects. It’s a great and fun material to play with. The main issue is that screentones are designed for physical print in mind. And thus don’t work well on today’s screens!
A common issue is that it creates “Moiré”!

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"Occlusion Grotesque is an experimental #typeface that is carved into the bark of a #tree. As the tree grows, it deforms the letters and outputs new #design variations, that are captured annually. The project explores what it means to design with #nature and on nature's terms."

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Looking for suggestions still: Are there any print on demand places that aren't evil or like are good (for the ppl that work there, for ppl of the world) actually? I'm interested in any kind of PoD place, whatever it is they can supply.

It's just that I'm not white and I simply can't pretend like supporting horrible companies is fine when it isn't. (Part of why I left Twitter)

Also taknig suggestions for tags that might help people find this post :)



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